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The title of this first column installment is “Make a Change.” This is because I have some very important news to tell you. Make a Change is also the name of the new talk show I now host on 94.3FM, The Talker. It’s on every Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., so please tune in to hear how you can make positive changes in your life — changes that are both inexpensive and simple. If you missed last week’s show, you can browse to and navigate to the blog to listen whenever is best for you.

Recently we offered a few suggestions for making some life changes that are simple yet inexpensive, so we can be healthy and look and feel good. We talked about our everyday choices that could be causing us grief in our health and lives. This is not really new news, but obviously, we need to look at what we are choosing on a daily basis that might need to be changed.

Get excited for everything you have left in your body that is still in good working condition!

It is so amazing that our bodies have the ability to rebuild over and over, no matter how sick or old we are. The Make a Change radio show, the Mederi Clinicals newsletters, and this Independent Gazette column are intended to help you turn your life around!

Terry Martin

Terry Martin

We are hearing of so many problems in the news; some days you probably feel like you would just love to run away! There are days you might even want to run away from yourself! My hope is to get you to run to yourself! In this fast-paced world, you can always find something to do or somewhere to go so that you can escape the real issues. What’s sad is that those difficulties don’t go away — they are waiting for you when you come back!

What if you could stop and look at life differently? By that I mean, what if you stopped taking for granted every wonderful service your body does for you in a day? We take our bodies (our vessels) so much for granted until something goes wrong, and then we would give anything to be able to turn back to who we were and what we had — and yes, every one of us will at some time face something unfortunate in our lives. I am not preaching doom and gloom, but the extreme opposite! Get excited for everything you have left in your body that is still in good working condition! Now, let’s build from there!

How many people think of themselves as their own best friend? I doubt too many people think that way. But you came into this world alone, and you will go out alone! This we know for sure. Wherever you go, you cannot escape yourself. Isn’t that enough reason to treat yourself the best you can? Knowing this, would you purposely want to drag around a sick body filled with alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and so much weight that you are too exhausted and sick to enjoy anything, even an activity as easy as a walk? No! Of course not! But that is exactly what is happening. Seriously — you do not want to let your time on this earth go by so fast that one day you wake up and say, “What have I done?”

This column isn’t intended to place blame, but it is intended to encourage the reader to face the fact of who is responsible. Do you blame your mother, father, or ex-spouse? If you think that at all, now is the time to think again! We have our own minds and bodies, and no one can control them but us — our very own selves. If you should happen to think anything or everything is a result of what someone else has done to you, then you need to think again. Especially if they are no longer in your life, but the situation is still ruling you . . . is it still them? No! Would you purposely let someone ruin your entire life? You must move on and take responsibility for yourself from this day forward.

Can you change anyone else’s life? Freedom is when you realize it isn’t your job to fix anyone else! There’s nothing we can do to get inside someone else’s mind to tell them what to do or how to act! We have a hard enough time figuring our own selves out. Blame isn’t what this is about! Change is what this is about.

Please go to the blog and listen to 94.3FM to access the rest of this column!

Until next month, thank YOU for reading and listening!

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