Conservatism demands equality

Over the last several decades, the so-called “conservative establishment” has been moving the Republican base away from true conservatism.   These “Neo-conservatives” have managed to split the current (we can’t even call them “modern”) Republican party upon social and economic lines, suppressing what is now referred to as “Classical Conservatism.”  To truly understand the impact, one only need to look at the growth of government and expansion of intervention in our lives, both private and economic.  Neo-conservatives fail to understand (or purposely ignore) that the justification and authorization of our current government overreach is born out of the very same principles they use to justify and authorize government intervention in preventing same-sex couples from marrying.  While the RINOs continue to use government intervention and tyrannical force, classical conservatives, like myself, recognize that marriage is not a government-granted license, but a “natural right” and social contract between private citizens.  As such, the role of government is to protect private contracts, not prevent them or dictate the terms.

These ideas are not new. In fact, the Founding Fathers established Classical Conservatism and codified in our United States Constitution, which enumerated only granted authority of the federal government by the people.  These concepts of “natural rights” are also the foundation of the Pennsylvania Constitution.  Recently, we’ve see the rebirth of the Classical Conservative in the libertarian wing of the Republican party, and of course the Libertarian Party itself.

So, as a true conservative, I’m proud to support the LGBTQ community in their fight to achieve the same rights and equality I enjoy.  As a true conservative, I will continue to work towards ending all government intervention that seeks to violate both social and economic freedoms, and we must restore our constitutional government that protects individual liberty.

I urge you to join me in fighting against big-government interventionist RINOs, and support the following initiative by my friend John W. Dawe.  Remember, government intervention in any aspect of our lives is authorization for government intervention in all aspects of our lives.

Today, May 15th, 2014, thousands of people like you are going to show their support for their favorite LGBTQ nonprofit during Give OUT Day. Today, every donation and donor we get will go further to help us claim our share of awards.

We need you to help us with these three things:

  1. Head over to and make an online donation of $10. (We will receive credit for each individual donation. A family can make multiple donations, but must use different e-mail addresses and names.)
  2. Follow our progress at and use the “invite friends” feature to push people to our page.  Share the link to on your timeline, asking your friends to donate.
  3. Join our SUPER TEAM at or stop by the LGBT Center of NEPA anytime between 9 a.m. and 12 a.m. to help make calls, send texts, and send e-mails asking for support.

We hope we can count on your support!

John W. Dawe, CFRE
Founding Executive Director
NEPA Rainbow Alliance, Inc.
and NEPA Rainbow Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

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