Interview with longtime judicial reform advocate Ron Shegda, of Northampton County, PA

Talking the Fourth Branch of government, bureaucratic intimidation, Custody4Cash, psychopathy, child trafficking, and more on 94.3FM The Talker‘s Sanity Check radio show

Longtime judicial reform advocate Ron Shegda, of Northampton County, joined Libertarian Lou and Tea Party Mike on a February Sanity Check radio show broadcast. Here are some of his comments.

Lou: We need to make sure that these [state legislators] start stepping up and making the changes, because, Michael, I’m telling you, the more I get into this, it is scary. And what is more important to an individual, more than anything, Michael, than your kids and your grand kids? And when [the judicial system] hold[s] this over your head . . . I’m telling you right now, Michael, they will hold this over people’s heads. They destroy lives. On purpose? Maybe, maybe not — I don’t even know why. But we don’t have an independent person looking at [these custody matters]. We have the investigated looking at the investigators. We’re going to be putting out stuff about the AOPC. An individual’s been working with us to do some research on that. We have a lot of people now starting to look, to do research. Mike, I want to start taking some calls, because people are calling. We’ve got Ron on line one, I believe.

Ron Shegda

Ron Shegda

Ron: Lou, Mike, good morning to you. So many commendations from so many of us, especially in the state of Pennsylvania. What you’re doing is really the Fourth Branch of government, and rallying to the support of so many families who’ve been isolated over the years and intimidated and abused by these agencies. For instance, there is such a parallel with what’s going on with the NSA — and I don’t want to get sidetracked on a national issue — you know, stay with the abuse of families by these county agencies. For instance, they work the same way as the NSA is now: no warrants, no terrorists found, yet capturing family members without any evidence.

Ron asks that any family abused by Pennsylvania’s Human Services, County Agencies or Courts join the Family Rights for PA Facebook group. He assures, “Don’t worry, we will get you into another secure website and keep out all spies and betrayers of public trust.”


Lou: Ron, it really is unbelievable, and when you said this, you know, just playing devil’s advocate — or at least I was at the beginning — but the more I started getting into this . . . Michael, we interviewed the new Luzerne County head of Children & Youth, and he said to me — and I don’t have the exact quote in front of me here — but, “People do have their own agenda.” You know, it might not be the agenda of Children & Youth, but, Ron, you know, and I know you’ve been in the forefront of this, also, because you’ve sent us some unbelievable information. You’re connected with people from around the state. Michael, there [are] these abuses, and we have to know . . . Ron, we have to know, and that’s one of the things I talked to [state Representative] Haggerty about and [state Representative] Flynn about, and we have to start talking to the rest of these folks about. People need to be able to come forward, but they can’t come forward to the judges and lawyers, because they’re gonna be outed. These are the people that are trying to keep [things] quiet.

What we’re facing . . . is a network that has grown over twenty years, for the break-up of families, for money, for sociopathy, for so-called professions that attract people who themselves have disordered lives

Ron: Well, people are afraid. People, when this happens, when a family member is taken, and so many of us understand, Lou, Mike, it’s going on in every state. In going on throughout the Western world. It’s different in, you know, say, the Islamic world. It’s different in the third world. But the same kind of — in essence — human trafficking is going on. A lot of it’s for money, and what you’re doing here is you’re coming forward as the true Fourth Branch of government. Most Americans can’t even name the three branches of government, and they’ve all blended together in kind of this one sense of what you were saying: that we have to serve the government, rather than the other way around, which is the brilliance of America.

So, we need this independent Fourth Branch of government, especially here in Pennsylvania. These networks that you’re talking about who formed in the court houses, you know, alliances with staff members of judges, with people switching jobs — for twenty years! You know, and you’re saying that Sanity Check is now three years old, well, what we’re facing — what you’re facing — is a network that has grown over twenty years, for the break-up of families, for money, for sociopathy, for so-called professions that attract people who themselves have disordered lives. [Who] get their enjoyment in life from taking advantage of other people, watching other people suffer, and that’s a known disorder, you know, in our human history, of sociopathic behavior, of psychopathic behavior. Jobs that influence decisions over other people attract these kinds of decision-makers, let alone the money, let alone the money through federal money, state money, that benefits, that keeps these jobs . . . In order for so many of these people to keep jobs, both from the judges, their staffs, this network of human service people they need — and it’s kind of blunt to say — but they need merchandise. They need vulnerable people who can’t speak for themselves . . . kids, disabled people, elderly people, who really can’t speak for themselves. They have so much power that’s been unchecked, uninvestigated for twenty years that they get away with this. I’m hoping you’ll give a clear website where people can come out of the woodwork and say, “I’m no longer alone. I want to be involved. I want to tell my story. Or, at least I want to be a silent witness with others, ’cause this happened to me.”



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