Letter to the Editor: A open letter to Governor Corbett

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Honorable  Governor Corbett:

The following are some of letters and information of the past and present.


The majority of we, the people, are not satisfied with our elected officials in Harrisburg. It is apparent that those elected officials are controlled by big businesses and special interests that dole out $$$ for their own interest and we, the taxpayers, have to subsidize our elected officials with our hard-earned money and receive little in return. Yes, the “have nots” continue to suffer while those in Harrisburg have a Cadillac lifestyle provided by We, the People.

No matter which way you look at it, the past Democratic governor and the present Republican governor have sold out We, the People.

We should be closing the Delaware Loophole, make the gas companies pay extraction taxes,  not privatizing our liquor stores, which are profitable money makers — plus, they employ Pennsylvanians, further aiding the economy. Our lottery system is one of the best in the nation; leave our parks alone from gas exploration. Protect our environment, because it is the only one we have.

Let’s now go after a serious problem: let’s do something about the school property taxes which are about two-thirds higher than our other property taxes. This is uncalled for — 40,000 people losing their homes and around 350,000 foreclosures each year because of increasing school taxes, especially of those on limited income and on unemployment. To add insult to injury, you will never own your home when the mortgage is paid off to enjoy your golden years. Our system is archaic, and  it has been for decades, and nothing was being done while those Neros in office watched people’s homes burn down. Today, it’s the same sorry excuses. If we can send man to the moon, why not!

The answer is HB/SB 76 and the elimination of school property taxes, and no one should lose their home. I guess those in Harrisburg won’t have that problem because WE, THE PEOPLE, provided them with good salaries, benefits, and retirements. We gave you the Gold Mine and you are giving us the Shaft. If I buy a car and pay the loan off, I own it. If I buy a house and pay off the mortgage, I don’t own it. The government owns it.

Governor, pushing has come to shoving. I haven’t seen much progress over the past years — I’ve seen more symptoms of impending disaster.

Charles Urban, Kingston, 83-year-old veteran who has seen the Good, Bad, and Ugly

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