Letter to the Editor: Luzerne County employment position interview process

Luzerne County Council Vice Chairman Edd Brominiski received complaints from county residents stating they applied for county positions. These individuals have a wealth of experience and were never granted interviews.

The Luzerne County Charter provides a selection process for choosing the most qualified candidates to work in Luzerne County.  However, oversight of the selection process is lacking.

A recent discussion about this issue took place at the March 18 Luzerne County Council work session.

I do not accept the Luzerne County Solicitor’s opinion presented at this meeting.

During this work session several council members questioned the hiring practices implemented by the Lawton Administration. During the discussion Attorney Vito DeLuca stated the Luzerne County Council has no authority to provide oversight over the hiring practices that take place in the county.

All systems of government provide checks and balances to ensure no branch of government gets so powerful and out of control.

I disagree with Mr. DeLuca’s opinion. Checks and balances are needed to ensure the county manager is faithfully executing the laws, policies, and hiring practices of Luzerne County.

According to the Luzerne County Home Rule Charter, the county manager is hired by council. However, Luzerne County solicitors say the county manager  is not held accountable to council. This conclusion is ridiculous and we should not accept it.

Council has an oversight responsibility. Council’s duty is to ensure that the charter, as well as the ethics, personnel,  and administrative codes created by the legislative branch are followed.

All forms of government have oversight responsibility and so does Luzerne County Council.

Luzerne County Home Rule Charter  Article II – Legislative Branch/County Council

Powers and Duties.
Section 2.09 – A.
County Council shall have and may exercise such legislative powers and duties as are conferred or imposed upon it by this Charter, the Administrative Code, and other County ordinances or resolutions, and those generally conferred or imposed upon County governments in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Some Luzerne County Council members think they are restricted to the enumerated duties spelled out in the Charter.

Legislative oversight is part of every form of government.

Legislative oversight is scrutiny of the executive branch.

Legislative oversight is our duty.

Kathy Dobash
Luzerne County Council Member

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