Pennsylvania Leadership Conference 2014

Yesterday marked the first day of the 25th annual Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, Pennsylvania’s version of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC.

The speakers ranged from motivational, encouraging attendees to participate in pro-liberty activism within their communities, to entertaining, comically describing the left-right paradigm that overwhelms our political system. Only a portion of the wide-array of speakers have yet presented, including PA Governor Tom Corbett and former United States Senator Rick Santorum.

One of the most well-received lectures was the panel entitled How Free Market Capitalism Raises All Boats. The panel participants discussed how many left-leaning Americans erroneously view the Conservative movement as uncaring or insensitive, especially with regards to people of poverty. The consensus was that the movement does not have an ideological problem, but a public relations problem. The conclusion was that Free Market capitalism is the only system that provides the most opportunity for upward mobility and financial growth for all individuals.

One of the speakers on this panel, State Senator Michael Folmer (PA-48, which includes areas of Dauphin and York Counties and all of Lebanon County), is working diligently to strip away the roadblocks that Big Government has established to obfuscate their actions and maintain control. He supports several important pieces of legislature that will promote transparency and fiscal responsibility in the Keystone State:

Senate Bill 195, Voters’ Choice Act

    This bill promotes equal and fair opportunities for third-party candidates, making the requirements for number of signatures equal for major and third-party candidates.

Senate Bill 7, Taxpayer Protection Act

This bill “requires increased fiscal accountability in state budgets”. 75% of state surpluses would be returned to taxpayers, while 25% would be stored in a “rainy day fund”.

Senate Bill 279, Taxpayer-Funded Advertising Transparency Act

Under this bill, any advertising paid for by the state must include the statement “Paid for with Pennsylvania Taxpayer dollars.”

Senator Folmer also stressed the importance of bringing careers, not jobs, into Pennsylvania. Establishing factories and other large businesses into the state would produce job opportunities that included the possibilities for growth and stable careers. He also reminded the audience that, in order to move forward toward freedom, legislators and engaged citizens must master the internal domain of integrity; people must do what is right simply because it is right. If this is lost, government will grow to protect its own interests by infringing on the rights of its citizens.

The Independent Gazette (a Muckaker, Inc publication) spoke with Senator Folmer after the panel. He felt the most significant message to send to our readers was the importance of a free market. “To protect our other freedoms, we need economic freedom.” Specifically, he stated, “Right to Work legislation will raise the standard of living, not tear it down.”  Pennsylvania can improve the economic opportunities for it’s citizens, and bring businesses back into the state, by repealing legislation that regulates businesses away.

  • Emily Rose DeMarco
  • Emily Rose DeMarco is a 4th year nursing and political science student at the University of Scranton. She is the secretary of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party. In addition to writing for the Scranton and Trenton branches of the Gazette, she also blogs for Young Americans for Liberty and Watchdog Wire. You can follow her on Twitter at @EmilyRose1776

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