LEAKED Custody4Cash video: Lackawanna courts want this video taken down … why?

When was the right to free speech, once protected by the First Amendment, declared illegal? When the courts decided what—where and when—could by spoken of or report on; that is when. When GAG ORDERS issued by courts against the press, litigants, professionals, and non-litigants became a popular form of intimidation; that is when.

So, why was this leaked Custody4Cash video ordered to be removed from YouTube by Lackawanna County, PA Guardian ad Litem Brenda Kobal? Was it because mentioned herein are the Lackawanna Family Court system, Brenda Kobal, Judge Munley, and many others attached to the courts? Or because this is merely one story among so many needing to be told.

Is admitted felon, former Lackawanna County GAL Danielle Ross, just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on behind closed doors in Luzerne County, Lackawanna County, and courts throughout America? We have precedent right here locally concerning what happens when there is no court oversight, when the judiciary is permitted to operate in the dark.

Judge for yourself whether or not this video needs to be removed.

  • Louis R. Jasikoff
  • http://www.jasikoff.com
  • Lou is the founder and producer of the WBIG family of publications. He's been active in politics most of his adult life, and is passionate in building the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Independent Gazette into an independent press organization that is respected for its independent journalism, educating the public on stories and issues often not discussed in today's biased and controlled media.

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  1. Lackawanna County Court Systems needs to be investigated immediately. I am shocked a judge or any officer of the courts could behave in such a manner, and have so little regard for children.
    Where do they come off charging a person 125 to 250 an hour this is insane. where are our so called watch dog agencies ??

  2. The IRS needs to audit more taxes of court members in Lackawanna County. They are living the high life.

  3. If nthe court wants this taken down let them try, the people will not tolerate it.Boys and girls of county court the party is over, it is now time to pay the bill.

  4. This video needs to stay!

  5. What a joke.  This lady obviously has a skewed sense of reality and is not willing to accept responsibility for her past actions that lost her custody of her children and now she is doing what all people in this situation do….blaming everyone else for their actions.

  6. jknown How dare you. You obviously aren’t living in the same reality that exists today… Let me tell you what I do for a living: I am a mother, stepmother, and it is also my job to be able to read people and personally judge whether or not they are telling the truth, whether they are well enough to be around children, and whether or not they are capable of caring for any child. This woman is most unfortunately telling the truth. I’ve met “victims” of abuse, who have never been abused and are often abusers themselves who frivolously file for PFAs to gain money, custody, and to have the ability to continue their abuse on their kids and former partners and courts allow it to succeed. I’ve also met VICTIMS. Actual victims of actual abuse that get NO HELP FROM THE COURT, POLICE, ETC. These victims include adults, children, and yes some of those adults are males. I’ve watched with my own two eyes where these actual victims are denied justice along with their children. I’ve watched the court, police, CYS, and other affiliates ASSIST their abusers because they are friends with these people, have money, or because they want to make money off of these victims’ misfortune. If you really are going to say that what these people in the court system have done and are still doing is ok, then you are truly as disgusting as they are. Don’t bother replying because you’re obviously too immature and ignorant to have a legitimate and educated opinion.

  7. Those poor children. And yes, this poor woman. I don’t understand HOW this has been allowed to happen and why this video has not yet made a difference and made these horrifying people accountable or at least investigated immediately. This video makes me so disgusted.

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