The truth, and nothing but the truth, will set you free, Part III

[Editor: The first part of this article appeared in the November 2013 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Independent Gazette issue. Part II ran in the January 2014 issue.]

Everybody will be accountable for the work they produce, and in a true free market I think it’s clear that the mainstream media now would be comprised of websites, YouTube channels, and live stream channels. This is why the big power brokers with the money are doing everything they can to maintain the status quo. It’s also why there is occurring such a fierce assault on the independent media right now by the so-called professionals who are trying every gimmick in the book to keep their base, but I think it’s time somebody informed them that that ship has sailed. The only remedy that can get it to turn port is to reevaluate the situation, understanding that this country is in a cold revolution with perhaps the most significant paradigm shift of perception in over two centuries transpiring — and the people are starving for the truth.

This is also why so many feel an obligation to watch the watchers. It has become apparent that the Fourth Estate of mass media has been compromised. People can claim “incompetence” until they are blue in the face, but I will argue that the faults lie much deeper than that. When those in the corporate controlled media willfully ignore stories that many times are so important as to be — literally — a matter of life and death, and in turn spend their time talking about some trivial, nonsensical issue, I hope it’s obvious why Americans have lost all faith in those many now simply refer to as “the gatekeepers.”

Antonello with camera gearWe have all of the evidence needed to make this case. For example, the National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAAs) of 2012, 2013, and 2014 make it legal for the Pentagram Pentagon to use your tax dollars to buy ad time on the major broadcast networks in order to deliver a message. Legalized propaganda, pure and simple. Only this means that when you get back from the corporate commercials and think you’re watching your favorite truth-telling talking head, well, that news program is just as much of a paid advertisement as the pitch you saw right before you thought the advertising break was over. All under the guise of “national security,” the controllers are telling Americans what they believe Americans should know, not the truth. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Some of the best, most respected journalists in the world have spoken to this very issue and side with my contention that the corporate “dinosaur” media is compromised. Danny Schechter, an award winning journalist, produced a documentary called Weapons of Mass Deception, in which he explained and illustrated how real journalists seeking to tell the truth were targeted during the first Gulf War by threats ranging from losing their jobs, to actually having tanks fire upon the buildings they were reporting from, causing death. That “be quiet” was the message became apparent.

Antonello interviewing Gary Johnson at Restoring Freedoms 2012Schechter is not the only one; in fact, there are so many who have spoken out that it’s impossible to cover them all in this article (even in its three installments), so I urge you to look into the matter yourself. I will mention one more individual, however, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh. Hersh has gone on record creating quite a buzz by speaking the unpopular truth, and blasting US media for not challenging some of the most important stories of our time — like NSA spying, drone attacks, and especially the account in which, allegedly, a Navy SEAL team raided Osama bin Laden’s compound and killed him. Hersh observed, “Nothing’s been done about that story, it’s one big lie, not one word of it is true.”

So given all of this evidence, those of you who want to cherry-pick which stories you find convenient to cover, and even which parts of the story you leave out and which ones you find uncomfortable, or worry about stepping on toes or becoming unpopular for even humoring the idea that the government and its lapdog media might have lied to you must then realize that you are just as much of the problem as those creating the narrative. When taking on the responsibility of information dissemination, know that unless you are willing to look at the whole truth, whatever that means, whoever it may lead you to, however uncomfortable it may be . . . if you want to pretend you don’t know better and play favorites, then understand you are going down the same path that leads to the loss of credibility with so many people. Search for truth, find the truth, and share the truth — not half-truths or spin, and the truth will indeed set you free.

  • Anthony Antonello
  • Following six years in the military, and much time as a medic and firefighter, Anthony Antonello has witnessed the ups and downs in life. From spending time fighting for the United States military, to the everyday horror covered on the local news, Antonello was there, witnessing events most only see from the comfort of their homes on a TV screen.Not allowing those images to simply absorb in the noise of the mainstream media, there was only one thing left to do for the man from Northeastern Pennsylvania: become politically active. Antonello now travels the country, covering stories and events to show people firsthand what the mainstream media refuse to show —and asking questions the mainstream media refuse to ask using whatever means possible to get people thinking.

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