Ask the Vet Rep! December 2013

Dear Vet Rep,

I was informed that I may be able to get a property tax break due to a 50 percent disability that I have. If this is so, how do I go about filing for it?

Robert Letinski


Thank you for submitting your question to Ask the Vet Rep. Your question on property tax is a great one. In Pennsylvania, you are eligible to apply for that benefit if you meet the requirements, and based on what you submitted, your disability is 50 percent,  but would need to be 100 percent (total and permanent), as assigned by the Veterans Administration. Also, the Veteran has to have served during a period of war, as defined by Congress, and have an income below the threshold amount. I hope this helps in your tax planning.


Dear Vet Rep,

I have been living in Scranton for eight months now, and haven’t been able to obtain employment. The OIF [Operation Iraqi Freedom] office at the VA has been of absolutely no help. After serving for seven years in the ARMY, I can’t even get a job.

            Jeffrey Jones


Thank you for your Ask the Vet rep question regarding employment of Veterans. I have worked with many Veterans and organizations to place Veterans in employment opportunities. I will ask that you reach out to my office, so that I can better understand your situation and help to guide you accordingly. The state, as well, has many programs for Veterans that help them to locate opportunities  throughout the area. I am also working right now to put together a panel of local companies and organizations to work in conjunction with Veterans looking to secure work. I look forward to hearing from you and any Veteran, organization, and/or company that wishes to help.

                            I look forward to hearing from you further,




  • Kerry Schimelfenig
  • Kerry is an American Legion Department State Service Officer and Disabled Gulf War Navy veteran.

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