Announcing the opening of The Olde Victoria BandB’s Mozar Tea-room

WELCOME! Bring your talent and friends to the opening of the
MOZAR TEA-ROOM art and music expo

28 Washington Street, Carbondale, PA, 18407
(570 280 2291)

The Olde Victoria BandB

The Olde Victoria BandB

  • —Friday, November 15, at 7:30 pm: Music of the Baroque

Constantijn Huygens

(Grace Hosie & Lisa van Muilekom)


  • —Saturday, November 16, at 3:30 pm: Tea Concert (experimental!)

Jason Smeltzer (Theremin) and Leo Schott (pipes and flute)

8:00 pm: Featured Concert—Music from China by Kathy Wang on GUSHENG (21-string instrument)

9:30 pm: Improvisation—East meets West in sound, a marriage!


  • —Sunday, November 10, from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm: OPEN PODIUM

Music and the arts in a beautiful, but informal, intimate setting
Bring your voice and/or instrument—poetry readings welcome!

Call Lisa at 570 280 2291 for scheduling, reservations, and try-outs for future formal concerts

NOTE: Parking for The Olde Victoria is available at the “Reserved” space of Marian Hospital, one block up



Represents the second historical house dedicated to music and the arts in the Carbondale area—following the initiative of Lisa van Muilekom, a Dutch-Canadian “citizen of the world” who inaugurated the MUSIC MANOR in 2008. Subsequent to that original start-up of a full “culture house” for music and performance (with a dozen or so well-received programs in music, dramatics and art presentations), Lisa prepared her second venue, “THE OLDE VICTORIA” at 28 Washington Street, Carbondale. After an early preview in 2012 (with performance, art, poetry, much music-making, etc.), Muilekom is now looking to a grand opening of her MozarTEAroom and bed and breakfast in the coming weeks (November 8 and the weekend of November 15,16, and 17) with an art expo “vernissage” (with music, of course(!), from Baroque to modern, experimental and traditional Chinese).

Lisa van Muilekom

Lisa van Muilekom

Lisa calls herself a world citizen as she has organized heritage homes in five countries, where she also lived for several years. These were the multi-cultural homes where an international crowd from all walks of life—multi-culturalists—would meet other seekers of beauty, and where music, poetry and theater would be exchanged in a wonderful ambiance. Guests exchange gifts of music and poetry in a “home away from home.” There is an extensive “performance space” in a beautifully finished basement, and Lisa again puts out the call for all those interested in contributing in music, poetry, theater, dance and other art forms—acknowledging her special love for and wide experience in early music: Renaissance and Baroque, with both due for preferential treatment!

Lisa is active (still!) as a social worker/dancer/musician. She dances classical, historical and folkdance, and toured throughout her lifetime, and especially in Europe, Canada and the USA. She speaks five languages. Because of her special style and outreach to all types of artists and art-interested guests and  participants, reporters describing her work called cultural houses, “A THERAPEUTIC HOUSE  WITHOUT THERAPY” 

Classical music, with emphasis on its origins and earliest expressions from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance and beyond, as well as world folkloric sources, may be enjoyed at the the Victoria.

Sam Wallace, a good friend of many years, was greatly inspired and mentored by Lisa (he calls her his MUSE!) during years of musical and cultural events at her venues in Europe in the Netherlands and Belgium. Beginning in the Netherlands where he was director of European programs and professor for the University of Maryland, Europe (foreign languages, English literature and drama, general humanities in European cultural history), Wallace had invited and hosted Lisa in Carbondale. He also introduced her to the great hills and dales, and beautiful old traditional (Victorian!) properties around, where she bought her first music/cultural house, “The Music Manor,” and subsequently, “The Olde Victoria.”

Academics aside, Sam “Scot” Wallace considers himself an “artiste manqué” (untranslatable, thankfully, but something like “should have been an artist”) as well as a shameless culture-vulture, with a passion for promoting music and the arts, especially in their rich interrelations such as early music, the Middle Ages, Gregorian chant and the Gothic spirit; Renaissance music, art and drama/poetry (Palestrina and Dowland, Byrd, Shakespeare, John Donne, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Montaigne and Francis Bacon—those guys). Wallace has organized groups both in Holland and America dedicated to same, and directed Renaissance festivals in both countries, being motivcated by a master passion for THEATER in all its forms: drama, tragedy, comedy, musical theater (opera, from Viennese operetta to Broadway musicals), etc.

Musicians from the farther reaches can find reasonable rooms on the second floor of this beautiful Victorian setting (dating from 1870), in easy reach of the “D & H Rail Trail” for hikers, as well as the Western Ontario Rail Trail.


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