Walking Eagle Award: November 2013

Ed “The Race-Baiter” Schultz

Everyone who disagrees with the Obama administration on policy is not a racist, but according to MSNBC commentator and radio personality Ed Schultz—who likes to remind his audience that any view contrary to the current administration’s is born of “hate and racism”—that is simply not true. Acting as a ring leader for the MSNBC cabal, Schultz and that cable news network use race continually to divide as they push their agenda-driven news.

The rhetoric is shameful, the message deceitful, the results harmful. In light of “Schultzy’s” shark-jumping approach to “reporting” the news of the day, Ed “The Race-Baiter” Schultz is this month’s recipient of the prestigious Walking Eagle award.

The Walking Eagle Award is a nationally recognized, highly distinguished honor which will be bestowed each issue upon those individuals and organizations that demonstrate the qualities for which the award stands.
The Walking Eagle is a bird so full of $#*t that it can no longer fly.

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