Dunmore Neighborhood Watch and community walk

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For the past two months, a new group of concerned citizens has been meeting in the borough of Dunmore. Averaging 50 individuals at its meetings, the group has formulated surveys, identified borough concerns, and established a presence in the borough. Guests from area neighborhood watch groups, as well as experts in the criminal justice system, have also taken part in the initial meetings.

On Saturday, September 21, Dunmore Neighborhood Watch conducted its first neighborhood walk. Co-Chairmen Gary Duncan and Michael Hayes, along with a group comprising three generations of Dunmore citizens, walked a course approximately one mile in length. Results of the walk were provided to Dunmore Council on Monday, September 23.

The Dunmore Neighborhood Watch will hold its third meeting on Monday, October 21, at 7 pm in the community room of the Dunmore Community Center, located on Monroe Avenue. All are welcome.

Gary Duncan, Dunmore


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