Global march against chemtrails held locally on Route 309

An enthusiastic group of protesters held signs, passed out flyers, and answered questions from motorists on Route 309 just above the Wyoming Valley Mall, on the afternoon of Sunday, August 25. Their aim? To bring greater awareness to what they term “chemtrails.”

Members of the group displayed signs that read, “We want our blue skies back,” and “Look Up,” while others displayed photos illustrating the difference between “natural” and “chemtrail” skies.

Local activist and event organizer Dorene Schutz said, “People have got to know what they’re breathing in.” The participants hoped to pressure government public servants into outlawing what they view as a harmful manipulation of the atmosphere. “Do your own research. Google ‘Chemtrails,’” was the message being shouted into a bullhorn by one member of the group. Schutz remarked, “We couldn’t have picked a better day for the protest,” referring to the appearance of what she termed “chemtrail coverage” directly above the protest area. Gazette photos of the event included sky shots.

Irene Selvaggi of Honesdale learned about the event on the popular social media site Facebook, and decided to drive to Wilkes-Barre so she could help out, believing that people are overwhelmingly uninformed as to what’s really being sprayed into the air. “When you try to tell people about chemtrails, right away the perception is, ‘Oh, here come the tinfoil hatters,’ but research is key,” Selvaggi observed.

Organizers have created a local informational Facebook group called “Informed Citizens of Wilkes-Barre.” Anyone interested in learning more is urged to join the group.

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