Casey and Cartwright should walk the walk

 Letters to the Editor

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What can I say about our Legislators?
I will confine my comments to current issues:

Senator Robert Casey, Jr.—He stated regarding Plan B, “I have serious concerns about providing unfettered access to these drugs to children. I support access to contraceptives, including Plan B, but believe that decisions regarding its availability should be made very carefully and with a measure of common sense.” Since the manufacturer of Plan B has stated that it can cause actually cause abortions, why isn’t Senator Casey sponsoring a bill to stop this powerful drug from being sold over the counter?

Congressman Matthew Cartwright— Voted ‘No’ on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane—Although it is the Attorney General’s duty to defend state laws, Kane has refused to defend the law banning same-sex marriage from a legal challenge in federal court.

These three must remember— Claiming to be Catholic carries a great responsibility. It means nothing to say you’re a ‘practicing’ Catholic if you’re not willing to stand up and truly be Catholic. You can’t leave your Catholicism in the car when you enter the workplace.

Barbara Yanchek, Jermyn


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