Dog Bite Suspends Mail

To cite the renowned US Postal Service motto: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” However, the postal motto says nothing with regard to the handling of dog bites, and in one Wilkes-Barre neighborhood home delivery had been suspended for days because of a pit-bull that had allegedly bitten the postal delivery person.

For a few days during the second week of July neighbors on the streets of South Meade and South Fulton had not had their mail delivered, and called the Gazette for help by that Friday. Mail had stopped  because of a dog who resides at 43 South Meade, according to Holly Upton of South Fulton Street. The Gazette visited the local postal office after receiving the reports and upon inquiry was informed that postal employees were resuming normal delivery in that area as of Friday, July 12. Postal managers acknowledged that until they could verify with the city that the loose animal had been confined, safety of their employees was their number one concern.

Wilkes-Barre City’s Animal Enforcement Officer Ed McDade claimed his office did respond to the post office complaint, and that a citation had been issued to the pit-bull’s guardian. “The animal in question, does still reside at the Meade Street home, and the owners have been advised of their responsibilities,” said McDade.

Deborah Payson, owner of Dynamic Directions, an advocate for the dog’s guardian and also a resident of South Meade, told the Gazette, “The dog isn’t a pit-bull, but a mixed breed,” and that to the best of her knowledge the dog didn’t bite anyone, either. Payson explained that a neighbor left the gate open allowing the dog to makes its way outside of the fence, but also added that the animal was, and is licensed and registered as required by law.

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