Americans' Confidence in Newspapers Eroding

Do you believe the polls?

Just why should anyone have confidence in polling? In a recent WBIG investigation we pointed out that an Associated Press poll on the effects of the budget sequester was nothing more than a survey taken amongst the AP’s business writers, but let’s not concern ourselves with such trivial details. That story is archived and can be found HERE for anyone interested.

But if you are still one who believe polls, a recent Gallup poll made these claims: Americans’ confidence in newspapers fell slightly to 23% this year, down from 25% in 2012 and 28% in 2011. The percentage of Americans saying they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in newspapers has been generally trending downward since 1979, when it reached a high of—wait for it—51%.

Conservatives’ confidence in newspapers, currently at 15%, has decreased from 21% determined for both 2012 and 2011. Moderates’ confidence has been trending downward for the past two years, and is now situated at 25%. Liberals remain the most confident in newspapers—although not by much—with a full 31% putting “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in them this year, according to Gallup.

Look for the WBIG’s own survey, the soon-to-be-launched “The All-American, in God We Trust Poll.” Now, that will be a poll you can rely on!

  • Louis R. Jasikoff
  • Lou is the founder and producer of the WBIG family of publications. He's been active in politics most of his adult life, and is passionate in building the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Independent Gazette into an independent press organization that is respected for its independent journalism, educating the public on stories and issues often not discussed in today's biased and controlled media.

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