In Response to State Representative Phyllis Mundy's June 16th Letter to the Editor

 Letters to the Editor

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As president of the Wilkes-Barre City Taxpayers Association, a member group of the statewide taxpayer group known as the PTCC, or, Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition, I would like to personally thank State Representative Mundy for her public support of HB 76, the Property Tax Independence Act. As Representative Mundy stated in her letter, “I will vote for HB 76 if and when the majority party allows for a vote.” On behalf of our members, I say thank you, Representative Mundy, for your support, and we do take “yes” for an answer.

In addition I would like to ask Representative Mundy, as the Democratic Chair of the House Finance Committee—where the bill is currently detained since Representative Kerry Benninghoff, the Republican committee chair, has stated the bill will remain in committee until companion legislation SB 76 has made its way through the state senate—that she place the full weight of her office behind moving HB 76 out of committee and to the house floor for a vote.

Thank you for all you do for the good people of Pennsylvania, Representative Mundy, and I thank you for putting the taxpayers of our great state ahead of party politics.


Frank R Sorick
President, Wilkes-Barre City
Taxpayers Association


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