The Best Way to Lie

Semantics is the best tool of liars and thieves. Semantics provides the cover to protect those in power from ever being held accountable for their actions because they never fully commit to any one statement. By choosing their words carefully, and within controlled parameters, it allows the masters of this art to promise everything, deliver nothing, and never be held accountable.

There have been great advances in the science of word use. If you listen to just about any person in power you can hear, and soon begin to recognize, the spin doctors’ tells. They are masters at magic doublespeak that hits all of the emotional buttons in their audience and offends no one.

In essence, it follows the old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” but the latter part never registers in the listeners’ minds because the pied pipers have found ways to short-circuit the brain’s higher logic functions through strong emotional appeals. This is the tip, the false bottom in the magic trick, the harmful side effects written in the small print of the prescription: IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

Please remember that most history is all about making money and this will be sold to the unsuspecting public using the same semantics tricks.

The masters of this are known throughout history, but we have pushed the manipulation sciences to new heights to where even those without talent can now be compared to gifted natural orators like Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Theodore Roosevelt.

Have you ever seen President Obama speak without a teleprompter? Please go YouTube this after reading this article and see for yourself. Our modern day leaders are, for the most part, nothing more than prime time news anchors, empty suits with ear pieces pumping information and reading nothing more than good Hollywood scripts designed to manipulate but never truly inform.

We are now watching the newest screening of that rehashed movie, How to Convince the Public to Go to War. George Bush used these same techniques to fool the American public into supporting a criminal war based on a “series of lies” (the lies part isn’t me talking, but Hugh Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1997 to 2001), and now Obama and Western Europe are about to effect a repeat performance with Syria over natural gas.

You will not hear about how we are now supporting the Al Qaeda types elsewhere that US forces are currently fighting in Afghanistan. You will not hear about the cleansing of Christians if the rebels prevail, as they are being cleansed now in Egypt and Libya. You will not hear how Qatar and Saudi Arabia want to build natural gas pipelines through the region to western Europe to essentially c**k block the Russians from dominating energy resources. It is ALWAYS about the money, never human rights, never freedom. Please remember that most history is all about making money and this will be sold to the unsuspecting public using the same semantics tricks.

Be prepared to hear stories of innocent children, poison gas, and brutal killings by very bad people who want to take away your freedoms, as if Syria is of any consequence to a bagel shop owner in Scranton. If anything, the bagel shop owner’s real risks are frivolous lawsuits, outrageous regulations, and off-the-charts taxes.

The key to all of this is that if they can convince the bagel guy in Scranton that supporting war in Syria is in his best interest, then they can convince you of almost anything. The fancy words and phrases work. Fluoride is good in your water, fast food is healthy, debt doesn’t matter, the government can be trusted, the government would never lie, you can lose weight with a pill, you can get the pretty girl by drinking the right beer . . .

Be alert to these tactics. Listen for the smoooth phrases and words that they use. Realize that when they use them, they are setting you and your family up for the loss of your life, your liberty, or your property. They are getting better and better each year and the only way to prevent yourself from falling into the trap is to first be aware that the whole production is masquerading as news.

You are conscience of advertisements, so they invented the infomercial. Infomercials become product placement which becomes fake social media tweets, but the back door is the news. With the news your guard is down, it is easier to sneak past your higher brain functions, because you have a false sense of trust in this mode of communication that when working with the magic semantics makes you easily programmed.

Hopefully, you are now armed with this information and you are prepared to resist the constant barrage of tricksters. I wish you luck.

Until next month,

Mr. X

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