Chemtrails are weather weapons

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Whoever is responsible must stop spraying us with geoengineering, aka, chemtrails. Please watch the sky; you will see white streaks and a whitened-out sky. These are not contrails. Contrails disappear in five minutes, or so. The powers that be are doing this up in the stratosphere, above the clouds. The crap being dispersed directly in our atmosphere is aluminum, strontium, and barium—and who knows what other elements are in these crimes against humanity. They are spraying chemtrails globally and the program is implemented by the United Nation, created by the Rothschilds, through the US military as well as some private companies.

Here are a couple of my own photos of the Wilkes-Barre sky taken this past April:

Chemtrails Over Pa 4-14-12 003

Chemtrail photo 1

The cover story is that they want to cool the planet by blocking the sun. This program is for global warming, which is itself a big lie. Many of your environmental groups support this, so be careful who you donate to. Greenpeace and the Sierra club are two of many such organizations. This toxic spraying is changing the chemistry of our soil, for instance, aluminum raises the pH (increases alkalinity) and many plants require acidic soil to grow. Trees are dying and it’s harder to grow food. Alzheimer’s, asthma, and lung ailments are on the rise, not to mention the curious Morgellons disease. Monsanto, which is genetically modifying our food (developing GMOs), well, they now have an aluminum-resistant seed, so this soil alteration doesn’t affect their products. Not only that, but the government is manipulating the weather, playing God. Just look up at the sky and you will see. Don’t believe me, do some research of your own. Search “chemtrails” on Google and you may come across a bill in the US House, HR2977, The Space Preservation Act, relating to chemtrails and HAARP. This is weather weaponization and it’s being used against us, We, the People.

Dorene Schutz, Wilkes-Barre


  1. First of all, chemtrails are not real. The so called “cover story” you claim about any sort of program to block the sun does not even exist. No organization, either government or private has ever claimed that. Chemtrails do not exist in any form whatsoever. Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals on the planet, it is a natural part of the soil. As for the scary airplanes?..Those are condensation trails. I am amazed that the chemtrail conspiracy theories are still around. I was under the impression that even among conspiracy cranks the chemtrail controversy was considered whacky. Any one with a basic understanding of 6th grade meteorology science can understand this phenomenon. It has to do with a basic temperature/dewpoint spread. Its is in essence the same phenomenon of how you can see your breath in January. The hot exhaust gas causes condensation of the water vapor at those colder altitudes and basically creates elongated cirrus clouds. Nothing crazy, no government plots to subdue our consciousness or poisoning our bodies with GMO activator compounds. And even if the government was to attempt a campaign of that magnitude distribution of a chemical agent at those altitudes would be extremely inefficient. Planes cropdust at about 40ft and mosquito spraying is usually from about 150ft. I would personally use ground based vehicles to do the job…wait I saw some Wilkes-Barre garbage trucks with suspicious smoke coming from a suspicious looking pipe of some sort yesterday!!! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!.

  2. mdimirco Hey Mark watch the sky. Do some research. These are real. I am awake. Sound like your a sleep.

  3. mdimirco

  4. DoreneSchutz mdimirco 
    Listen, I know what an emotional investment you have in these chemtrail conspiracy theories, and I have investigated this conspiracy, along with many others, very thoroughly indeed. I also understand the romanticism and lure of wanting to believe in these hollywood-esque alter realities. There was a time when i wanted to believe and as I began to learn more about these subjects I started finding more and more rational explanations and less and less evidence. The problem with these conspiracies is that they tend to collapse under their own weight when you start to realize how many people would have to actually be in on projects of this magnitude. Its a philosophical idea called Occam’s razor, that simply put, asks the question “which explanation is the most likely?”. Now I realize that you are most likely the type of person who is so emotionally invested in this idea that it has basically become a faith type of belief that can’t be swayed by pesky things like “facts”, or “critical thinking”, so here is my angle on this issue to you. My point is there are actual real conspiracies and injustices being committed by actual real bad people with actual real power and schemes to really take away our freedoms. Look at the Edward Snowden debacle that is actually happening. If people like you, who have real, although misdirected, passion could focus that fervent energy toward these real issues, I believe society would greatly benefit. I honestly admire the passion you and many like you have and I hope that maybe one day you can come over to the rational critical thinking side and put those passions to real service to society. No hard feelings

  5. mdimirco DoreneSchutz Watch the sky that’s all you have to do. Research would help also. Contrails disappear in 5 minutes.

  6. The rate at which condensation trails dissipate has nothing to do with their composition and everything to do with the amount of moisture in the air. I have researched this subject and have watched the skies since I was a young child obsessed with airplanes. I understand temperature dew point spreads and adiabatic lapse rates of air pressure and every meteorological phenomenon that pertains to aviation. I do not have time to watch your movie about such tremendous nonsense. I assure you I have heard every argument from your side and from every angle imaginable and have yet to find a single shred of compelling evidence within any of it

  7. mdimirco Its not Nonsense. Million are aware of these CHEMTRAILS. Stop watching your propaganda tv. Everything is a lie. Everything. They are manipulating our weather. LOOK up HAARP. You are the problem, keep your head in the sand. This is why the country is so corrupt.


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  10. wbig BenghaziBelieber DoreneSchutz mdimirco THANKS BIGGIE. 😉 #CHEMTRAILS

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