Ask Betsy! June 2013

Dear Betsy,

Would you ever consider running again for office, maybe even Wilkes-Barre Mayor?

Tired of the corruption

Dear Tired of the corruption,

As you may know, over the years I’ve run for numerous elected positions. I have always felt that it was a civic duty to give the public greater choice at the ballot box. As we are all aware, the corruption, cronyism, and nepotism in Luzerne County and Wilkes-Barre has brought our city to its knees.

I am seriously thinking of running for mayor of Wilkes-Barre again as an Independent. I feel the political parties have let the people down. I also realize this will be no small task and will need to be a ground-up campaign—and starting soon. The entrenched “Kings and Queens of Wilkes-Barre,” with their political clout, relatives on city and county payrolls, and connected businessmen will make for formidable opponents, regardless of whom they pick as their candidate for mayor, but with help from the good and hardworking citizens of Wilkes-Barre, I am confident we can prevail.


  • Betsy Summers
  • Betsy Summers is a long-time resident of Wilkes-Barre who holds an associate’s degree from Centenary College and advanced degrees from the School of Hard Knocks. She’s also a self-taught carpenter, electrician, gardener, and Jane of all trades. Betsy currently works in veterinary sales, has served on the subcommittee for Luzerne County ethics, and has run for a number of political offices, most recently, PA State Auditor General in 2012.If you’d like a question answered, contact Betsy at or call us at 570-266-8086.

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