Where has the American spirit gone?

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This evening I watched Fox News and was totally bewildered and amazed by the people of Boston celebrating the capture of one terrorist that managed to hold well over one million Bostonians hostage and captive simply because he was not yet arrested by the authorities.

Let me get this straight, over one million Americans were held hostage by one person? One terrorist managed to hold over one million free Americans captive when terrorism was said to be totally defeated by our President? Were these more lies by this administration or just another figment of our imaginations? What’s going on in OUR America?

Where is our spirit, where is our proud heritage, where is our independence? Are you so vulnerable that we will allow one terrorist to determine what happens to us and our loved ones? Are we Americans? Do we have a backbone or are we just willing victims waiting for the slaughter? Please be advised we are AMERICANS! As such, we stand tall and we stand proud, and do not cower to whims of those that want to destroy us. We are Americans and therefore do what Americans in the past have always done! We fight and will never give into tyranny or threats of insurrection, no matter the source. We love our country and will stand firm against those that want to change our country and way of life. They WILL be defeated and they WILL never gain a foothold in our great nation like they have done throughout the world. America and Americans are different, we are proud, and what happened over there, will never happen here, because we know where we came from and will never forget our proud roots and heritage! We will always stand tall and and proud simply because WE ARE AMERICANS!

Tom Burrows, Hazle Township

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