The City’s Parsons Park lies in disrepair

Wilkes-Barre’s Parsons Park, located in the 1100 block of Scott Street has seen better days. The Independent Gazette received a report from a concerned citizen familiar with the recreation spot of the following conditions:

● Trash and recyclables strewn throughout
● Overflowing trash cans and insufficient numbers of receptacles
● Damaged Little League field fencing
● Severely cracked basketball court
● Pet waste left on the ground

The WBIG witnessed most of these deficiencies in a late March stop at the site, in addition to witnessing “tagging” of playground equipment as well as measures by the neighborhood Crime Watch group to redact the defacement with paint of their own.

We wonder aloud if funding constraints can really be blamed for neglect of this once-attractive city asset.

Parsons Park Little League Field Gate

Parsons Park with Tgging Redacted

Parsons Park Slide Graffiti

Parsons Park Ballpark Fence Damage

Parsons Park Basketball Court Deterioration

Parsons Park Sans Stray Ball Protection

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