Friends of Tom Leighton

This report compiled by The Wilkes-Barre Independent Gazette covers only calendar year 2005–2011 contributions to Tom Leighton’s mayoral campaigns. It should also be noted that any contribution under $2000 received by the campaign may not be reflected in this report, although exceptions of note have been included.

Tom Leighton has served as mayor from January 5, 2004 until the present, and occupied a Wilkes-Barre City Council seat for twelve years prior to seeking the office of chief executive in 2003.

Leighton successfully raised $934,560.32 to attain a position that paid $479,466 over our six-year investigation period. The six-year salary sum is based on the Mayor’s current annual salary of $79,911.

Many who have been critical of the Mayor argue that only the folks listed below qualify for city contracts.

So, as always with Just the FACTS, you decide.

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