You Only Get One

By Kristy Bellezza

All families have their quarrels, but knowing how to forgive and forget is a keystone; when it comes to keeping families together there are no problems or arguments that can’t be resolved if everyone simply stops all the arguing, fighting and ignoring of each other and sits down calmly to talk about the problems at hand rather than being nasty and rude or talking down to one another. Instead of fostering the discord, take a deep breath and discuss matters calmly.

You only have one family and when they are gone they are gone forever. Whatever is going on or whoever said what to whom, when you stop and step back to look at the big picture, well, it is pointless to fight, isn’t it? Sometimes, we tend to take our families for granted and forget that they can hold a grudge just as long as anybody else, and we all have probably been guilty of this at one point or another. However, if one or more persons stops long enough to try to talk matters out respectfully then perhaps that’s all it will take to diffuse the conflict. I feel it’s worth it to try because family is so very important and the friction may turn out to merely be one big misunderstanding that just spun out of control. Why not attempt to resolve the problem and become close to your family again and enjoy one another’s company?

If you have not spoken to your family in years or if they haven’t spoken to you in years maybe it’s time to end the feud. After all, what do you have to lose? Reconciliation may even require you to say you’re sorry for something you may not have even done wrong, or apologize on account of someone else’s twisting your words around.

This is the start of new year and now is the time to forgive and forget and be close to one another. I am no expert and simply write what I feel, but I hope this article helps its readers realize that family is more important than what your friends say or how much money you have — how nice your house is, or how much you spend on your clothes or car. Family should not care about those things; family should love you for who you are no matter what. They should be there to help you when you need it and be your best friend at all times, not your enemies. If saying you are “sorry” is what you must do to get your family back on track, then say it and don’t waste any more precious time and consequently risk not having them in your in life one more day. Say it before it is too late. Clear the air and love one another because friends come and go but your family is forever, and, like I said before, you only get one family and once they’re gone they are gone forever.

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