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Because of your generosity the greater Wilkes-Barre area presented over 160 pairs of socks to the 10,000 Toasty Toes drive! We also received many dog collars to be sent to the Zuni Reservation in New Mexico this April. Each and every collar could save a dog from euthanasia. If you would like to donate new or used collars they can be placed in the box on my porch at 47 South Welles Sreet,.Wilkes-Barre, or you can call me for a pick up at 610-955-6361.

My next project is an ambitious one. Native American Veterinary Services is purchasing a motor home to convert into a mobile clinic for use on the Reservations of New Mexico. This will allow us to bring the vaccination clinic to the areas where it is needed most. We got a great deal on the motor home and Westside Veterinary Hospital has donated three exam tables and a surgery table for use on the inside.

We are fundraising for the vehicle purchase and its renovations, tune-up, and gas to drive to Zuni. The goal: $6,500. We will be holding a fundraising vaccination clinic in Brodheadsville on February 24th — so, be sure to check out the ad here right in the this issue of the Independent Gazette!

Betsy Summers

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