Big Pharmacy is Killing Us

 Letters to the Editor

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Big pharmacy is killing us with their anti-depressant drugs called SSRIs, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. They engage in disease mongering everyone with their claims of mental disorders of minor symptoms. They brainwash the public with all of their drug commercials telling them they have a mental problem, and spending $2.9 million on advertising.

What everyone is feeling is part of life; we are human beings and have emotions and they are normal. These massive drug companies are testing these drugs on everyone and conjuring your disease. Their diagnoses are made-up theories, and their drugs are being pushed under false pretenses. Big Pharma makes $2.4 million every minute pushing these so-called psycotropics on us without any scientific or lab testing. These products are pushed through to the market in four to six weeks, and many people have committed suicide or have experienced strokes or other side affects — even death. In fact, every year 42,000 people die thanks to anti-depression drugs.

And they also affect the heart, kidneys the brain. You don’t hear this on the news. Now Obama is pushing more of these drugs on children by means of his firearms executive orders. He wants all children screened for mental health disorders by means of a ten-question test in schools called the Teen Screen. If you get one question wrong they will be sending you to a psychiatrist to put you on a psycotropic drugs. Please protect yourself and your kids from this lie. Big Pharma makes $26 billion a year getting us sick. These drugs are toxic and this has to be stopped.

Dorene Schutz, Wilkes-Barre

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