Citizen Phone Call Concerning LAG Towing, December 21st

As this month’s copy of the Independent Gazette hits the streets and lands on people’s porches we get more and more reports of all kinds of corruption, nepotism, and stories of officials’ betraying our trust on so many levels. This clip is but one. We wish we could relay the whole story, and in time will, but, as promised this caller will remain anonymous and we will not betray that trust.

What’s important is that citizens are coming forward. Thank you to all for helping us get the message out that we want the truth and will demand accountability.

Click to listen: Citizen phone call concerning LAG, December 21st

Hi, I just was calling because I was reading [the] Gazette about LAG [Towing] . . . Yes, I have a couple of situations . . . that happened with LAG, and I’m happy finally somebody has, um, is pulling their card . . .

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