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Once again, I will be collecting socks for 10,000 Toasty Toes.  You can drop off your donations of socks at the Independent Gazette or Thrive Wellness Center. 10,000 Toasty Toes is our small effort to make a difference.  All throughout the United States people are experiencing financial hardships.  Used clothing rooms cannot take used socks and underwear. Our goal is to collect 1,000 pair of socks.  That will warm 10,000 toes. To join our efforts or to donate go to our facebook page, 10,000 Toasty Toes. All Donations will be given to local clothing rooms. A Toasty Toes Bin can be found at the Independent offices


For More Information or to join us simply call Betsy at 610-955-6361.


Betsy Summers, Wilkes-Barre

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