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Agenda 21 is a contract that binds governments around the world for the United Nations’ plan for global dominance and in controlling the way we live, right down to the very necessities of life, all under the pretext of global warming. Which is an agenda behind Agenda 21. If the execution of Agenda 21 succeeds we are in a world of trouble.

In 1992 the United Nations Earth Summit conference meeting took place in Rio Janeiro and 179 countries officially put their seal of approval for Agenda 21. And many other countries have followed suit since the UN summit meeting that took place1992. However, the force behind this Agenda 21 is none other than Maurice Strong, Club of Rome member, founder and first secretary General of the UNEP/United Nations Environmental Program.

We have been lied to about everything and the history of this beautiful mother earth. Why is it now that we are discovering pyramids and ancient high technology civilizations that existed eons ago that thrived and lived in harmony with each other and mother earth? I’ll tell you why, because the powers that be have hidden this from us. They have had this technology under wraps up until now in order to bring about their New World Order.

If the powers that be are so concerned with the environment, then please tell me why our government has not done more to control the major, key conglomerate, polluting parasites that they are? Yes, we can All do more to help and be better stewards of Mother Earth that sustains us All? And that needs to start now. Therefore, this is why it is of utmost importance that we, a united people come up with real solutions to the real problems we face today.

Let’s take a look at the major players that are polluting this planet. Did you know that more money is being spent on the Big Military and Big Pharma than any other institution out there. We have money to spend on war, drugs and vaccines, rather than food and shelter. “Two truths cannot contradict one another.” ~Galileo Galilei (1615). There are many natural and holistic cures for cancer found right in our backyards.  Are you getting the big picture yet? And why are they pushing  GMO foods down our throats? Why? Not to feed the masses, but to make us sick, and GMO foods does just that, it destroys our immune system.  All these major players are bedfellows and are not in the biz to make this planet or us to thrive and live in harmony. They would lose to much money and too much control and this is where Agenda 21 comes in. Controlling the masses with the very necessities of life.

Do not believe anything I write here today. Please search this information out and come to your own conclusions. You can be a part of the solution or part of the problem. Your choice, your truth, your path. I hope you discover the secrets that have been hidden from the masses. We are amazing and wonderful creatures that can thrive and live in harmony with Gaia/Mother Earth and each other. There is a brighter future for all, the season is now to get educated and involved in coming to terms about the truth and what we can do to make this a better place for all involved.

Candice Bella, Mountain Top

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