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July 2012

Obama has been a disaster on civil liberties, continuing many of the same policies that outraged US citizens during the Bush administration. In fact, he failed to end the wars in the Iraq and Afghanistan while sending drones into Yemen, Lybia, and Pakistan. He’s further antagonizing Iran and other countries with threat of economic sanctions. He even sold us to the insurance companies with his health care mandate slated to take effect in 2014.

Romney is no better. He has promised to continue the same foreign policies of his predecessors. That means sending more troops into countries to get killed/maimed/injured. That means more tax dollars flowing into the pockets of defense contractors. That means building schools, hospitals, and roads in other countries… right after we blow them up. And, let’s not forget: Romney’s health care mandate was the first in the nation. It was what ObamaCare was patterned on. If you upset with Obama’s policies, Romney isn’t an alternative.

Obama and Romney are two heads of the same coin and many Americans are getting frustrated. A recent Washington Post article says that 48% of Americans think there is a need for a third party in politics. Fortunately, there IS a viable third party candidate. His is Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson and he will be the only third party candidate on the ballot in all 50 states.

Gary Johnson was the most fiscally conservative Governor in the country from 1995-2003 as he vetoed over 750 wasteful spending bills and he is the only candidate running for President that has promised to submit a balanced budget to Congress by 2013. Not for 5 years down the road, not 10 years. In his first year! Gary is looking to bring our troops home for good where they can protect US citizens and interests, not waste precious resources on destroying other countries (just to build them up again with our own tax dollars).

To learn about Gary Johnson and his stance on health care, drug policy reform, the economy, internet & technology, education, immigration, and more, visit the official campaign webiste at:

Steve Detweiler, Mt. Top

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