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The Fourth Amendment Applies to Motorists, Too

I attended a hearing on August 24 before a Dauphin County district justice (magistrate) for a “driving with an expired license charge” against a member of the Independent Gazette team. John drives a car with a big “Ron Paul” sticker on the rear window, as seen in the picture below. One day back in July, as he drove up Interstate 283, he was pulled over by a Pennsylvania State Police trooper. The trooper pulled him over for driving with an expired license. How did he know that? He allegedly randomly ran John’s license plate and found that information in one of the databases to which he had access.

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Dan Johnson, PANDA founder, talks 2014 and his new activist consultancy, Solutions Institute

The Solutions Institute is hitting the ground running with their online ActCon (Activist Conference) on February 7 from noon to 7:00 p.m. (details and pricing are available on their website, Solutions-Institute.org). The conference is packed with heavy hitters in the both the political activist and independent media communities, including John B. Wells (former host of Coast to Coast AM), Derrick Broze (of the Houston Free Thinkers), and Ben Swann (two-time Emmy award winning journalist).

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Has WWIII already started?

What would World War III look like? How would you know it was underway? Would it resemble Hitler’s Germany trying to conquer the world? Would you recognize it without the facts being laid out for you? Do you think propaganda would be used to sway public opinion? And what about the use of chemicals on the people to make them docile and apathetic? How about laws passed that would classify you as an enemy of the state if you dared to stand against the power structure? Or an increase in domestic policies which limit your individual liberty for “security purposes”? What of the militarization of a civilian police force, complete with the laws protecting their aggression against an unwary populace?

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