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Letter to the Editor: Everyone of us is charged with protecting American government

The only two full-time elected positions in Wilkes-Barre City government are mayor and city controller, and there are no restrictions concerning a city hall elected public servant holding private sector jobs while they are in office. Some of our city elected do work elsewhere while serving, or are retired from a private sector job or a publicly funded position.

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Constitutional Presidential Candidates are Needed

As we embark on this season of presidential campaigns, we would be well served to focus attention on the requirements for the office of the chief executive as given to us in our federal contract, the U.S. Constitution. Failing to do so would be pretty solid evidence that we’ve learned nothing from the installation of the current White House occupant as the president — wrongly, I might add. I maintain that we currently do not have a legitimate president, and I refuse to use the term as the title for the current occupant of the White House.

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