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Rationing and taxes lurk in Obamacare — and the worst is yet to come

The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) was an early voice exposing how the law would cause rationing of healthcare. Obamacare supporters mocked the claim saying the legislation’s aim was to expand coverage, not reduce it. Carol Tobias, president of NRLC, says that Americans don’t yet realize that Obamacare will prevent them from spending their own money to pursue treatments deemed “ineffective” by the unelected, largely unaccountable Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).

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Alternate methods of applying for Obamacare that may be more effective than using HealthCare.gov

Told that we all need to finish applying for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act by a certain date, many of us are in a panic. Our main instruction has been “Apply online. Visit HealthCare.gov to get started.” But we all know firsthand — or have heard about — the nightmares people have been encountering attempting to sign up by this method.

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The Libertarian Democrat: Healthcare

Having recently returned home from a two-week stint in the hospital, which included a major intestinal surgery (this being my fifteenth such surgery), I have decided to rev everyone up and discuss my perhaps unpopular stance on, and questions about, current health care in the US.

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