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Letter to the Editor: Responsible action needed for Moon Lake Park

With the topic of bond funds being discussed on a worthy capital project such as Moon Lake that will benefit the people of Luzerne County, Bobeck, Haas, Houck, and Williams fail to mention they allowed Lawton to spend $3 million of bond money to run day-to-day operations in the Courthouse in 2012. This was during Mr. Lawton’s first year as manager when he “overspent” $7.4 million more than was authorized by council.

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Letter to the Editor: Luzerne County budget amendment votes

While campaigning for a seat on Luzerne County Council, I promised not to raise taxes. On Saturday, February 15, 2014, I kept my word. I voted to eliminate an 8 percent county tax increase that was passed by the previous council in December 2013. The hired county manager, Mr. Lawton, admitted he did not take time to review the line-by-line budget proposal I submitted to him and other members of council. Mr. Lawton insulted me. After being chastised by Wilkes-Barre resident Betsy Summers for his unprofessional comments, he attempted to make an apology.

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