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The Troy Standard as reviewed by Emily Rose DeMarco

The work is also an engaging commentary on Austrian economic policies. This is important, as encouraging friends or family to read an engaging story is often much easier than handing them an economic treatise or scholarly article. The Troy Standard is only 192 pages long, yet contains touching emotional drama, harrowing suspense, and action-packed thrills. In short, it is a perfect read — just add hot chocolate and a fireplace!

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Inaugural Installment: What is a Libertarian Democrat?

I believe that no one needs to identify with only one political party if they share views from two of them, or even from several of them. When it comes to politics, I am going to risk being unpopular and state my beliefs that the United States would be a more open-minded place, and our government might even run more smoothly if we all cherry-picked our stances from different political ideologies.

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The Great Debate

Three recognized rights included in the Declaration of Independence are the rights to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” As a Libertarian — as an American — these are some of the most important rights we can possess. In these most trying times, with politicians in Washington having debated the imaginary Fiscal Cliff and the rabid desire to tax us all into fiscal oblivion, one issue rises and falls in importance in the national dialectic: abortion.

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