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Testimonials flood in on Custody4Cash scandal

Jurisprudence victims, court officers, police, lawyers, and civil employees will often come forward only under the protective cloak of anonymity, out of concern of retribution directed at themselves and their families from the powerful and well connected. Reports of bizarre behavior unbecoming of judges are kept under wraps, lest swift and damaging retaliation befall the whistleblower. Theirs is a legal system run afoul, where justice is often based not on facts, but on “who you know,” and delivered only to a select few, it would seem.

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Custody for Cash: A plea for help, when there is no place else to turn

This is the first in what will be a series of reports by the Independent Gazette chronicling the judicial systems and child custody practices of Lackawanna, Luzerne, and surrounding counties. Through exclusive Lackawanna County interviews obtained by the Gazette, a picture will emerge of a legal — not justice — system run amok, fueled by greed, kept intact through intimidation, and veiled in secrecy, a complex web in which the abuse of power is rampant, and lawyers routinely close their eyes to misconduct for fear of being blackballed — and losing their homes and practices should they dare to speak out. This is a fear of being severed from the “money feeding tube,” as one court insider observed.

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