There were many interested in participating in the commission, 38 to be exact, but only seven were chosen. The problem that was encountered was that those seven were all Volpe-designated candidates. So, if Mr. Volpe is your villain, then these are his henchman. Once the irresponsible, county commissioners’-mouthpiece press latched onto this, the smear and misinformation campaign began. In 1976, the county formed a study commission and our current home rule charter was the result. Unlike the positive outcome that year, despite the resistance of a “Vote No” group, the most recent attempt of 2013/2014 crashed and burned. The changes in 1976 were minimal, so perhaps that’s why the opposition wasn’t strong. The first study commission report of 1974 had similar intentions, but most of its recommendations were rejected and never rejuvenated by the 1976 commission. Secretary Paul Hart lamented in his minority report.

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