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What’s in your range bag?

Whatever shooting range I go to — and I do shoot at a few different ranges facilities — I have detailed written instructions of how to get there in my bag. Of course I know how to get there, but in an emergency will emergency responders know how to get there? In Dan’s case he had never been to my range. If something were to happen to me, heart attack, gunshot wound or whatever, how would he know how to tell them where we were? My directions are written out using landmarks and route numbers to describe exactly where we are. I also use GPS coordinates that can be given to a 911 operator if necessary.

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Firearms as a hobby

Here was a classic example of a negative image about something that was manufactured by the mainstream news media. The actual truth is that guns can be great fun and a rewarding hobby. Guns are not inherently evil. A baseball bat that is used as weapon is not evil, it is the end user who engages in the wrongdoing, not the object.

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