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Americans are Taking Their Eyes Off the Ball

Americans need to let their politicians know how much they hate the game. The people need to take note and remember how their representatives have voted as well as their behavior in and outside of office and then vote accordingly. People need to question the government at every level at every opportunity, including town hall meetings, municipal meetings, on the streets, at public events, etc. Keep the pressure on them and never let up.

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Scranton City Council Meeting, July 1, 2015

Attendees of the July 1 Scranton City Council meeting heard from residents Joan Hodownanitz, Lee Morgan, Ron Ellman, Marie Schumacher, David Dobson, and others. The topics of discussion at the evening’s meeting were the future of Scranton, the Scranton Action Plan, the Fourth of July, the financial state of Scranton, among some other varied issues.

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