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Letter to the Editor: Think twice before patronizing the circus

In a few short weeks both the Shriners and Ringling Bros. will be bringing circuses to our area. If anyone cares for animals, beyond cats and dogs, please do not patronize these events. The unnatural tricks that animals are forced to perform night after night are frightening and even painful. Standard circus industry practice is to use bull hooks and other objects to poke, prod, strike, shock, and hit animals in order to “train” them, although this may not be what’s seen in the ring or in carefully-controlled public tours.

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The Eclectic Circus brings unique performance art to the area

A new and unique performance art group has sprung up in the area — the vibrant and energetic Eclectic Circus — a troupe of young artistic performers regaling the eyes with acts reminiscent of a seventh-century fair. Not only does the group now march in many of the region’s parades (including the Greater Pittston St. Patrick’s Parade), but it can also be seen at many other local venues, or even hired as an attraction at private events!

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