Americans are Taking Their Eyes Off the Ball Libertarian Gary Johnson Polling at 11% in Presidential Race ─ Pandemonium to Follow The Fourth Amendment Applies to Motorists, Too Constitutional Presidential Candidates are Needed

Americans are Taking Their Eyes Off the Ball

Politics is already a game, so let’s make it official, says Jim Byers

Libertarian Gary Johnson Polling at 11% in Presidential Race ─ Pandemonium to Follow

Politics, as we’ve always known it, will be dead after this election cycle

The Fourth Amendment Applies to Motorists, Too

Andy Ostrowski describes a case encompassing a number of civil rights issues, in his estimation


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Scranton City Council meeting, April 23, 2015

Attendees of the April 23 Scranton City Council meeting heard from residents Ron Helm, Joan Hodowanitz, Marie Schumacher, Dave Dobson, Les Spindler, Gerard Hetman (from the Lackawanna County Community Relations Department), among others. The topics for discussion at the meeting were land banks, Ice Box complex, Scranton Local Services, tax tripling, garbage fees, the Scranton City audit, and the city’s 150th festivities.

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Tom Wolf “Job Approval Poll” Report Misleading?

Governor Tom Wolf, the newly elected champion of the Left, has essentially been hailed as a return to the good ol’ days kind of liberal Democrat. He preached taxes . . . taxes on natural gas, the re-bloating of school budgets, spending, not being Tom Corbett, and doing mostly anything the opposite of Tom Corbett. This writer dubbed him “Tom Wolf-In-Sheep’s clothing” for The Inquisitr, as he generally spoke in vague platitudes. Like most things in life, you just had to read between the lines to find the truth.

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If a legal dispute has no Internet footprint, is it still relevant?

A few months ago we were notified about a complaint filed in the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas in December 2006 by Little Flower Manor nursing home (located in Wilkes-Barre’s Heights section) against one Betty Jane Barrett and her sister, Suzanne MacNeely. Betty Jane was at the time, and remains to this day, the wife of Wilkes-Barre City councilman Bill Barrett.

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Scranton Ordinance: “Quality Of Life” Restore-r, or New Revenue Gatherer

Scranton City Council passed an ordinance that they claim is meant to combat blight in Scranton. Problems arise once you extend the list of offenses beyond the violations that have been reported thus far. We are correctly told that penalties range from $50 to $1,000. Obviously, that does not sound like a small chunk of change. So, what is covered under this “quality of life” ordinance and inevitable ticketing?

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Scranton City Council meeting, April 9, 2015

Scranton City Council heard several opinions regarding the city’s interest in forming a “Land bank” to deal with blight, overall economic climate, city financial consultant Henry Amoroso, non-profits, and taxes. Citizens Lee Morgan, Ozzie Quinn (president of Hill Neighborhood Association), Ron Helm, Joan Hodowanitz, and Marie Schumacher expressed their views to council.

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Wilkes-Barre mayoral candidate Kelly says we must outsmart the bad guys

We are clearly encountering major gang violence and so instead of saying we do not know what the problem is or whether it was drug related, we need to identify the problem post haste. Only with a quick ID can we can crush it before it crushes us. We have to see it that way, and we have to call it that way or none of our efforts to fight it can be successful. No unidentified problem has ever been solved.

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