Kathleen Kane, martyr to the end, finds once again she is being persecuted for her righteousness. But is there a smidgen of truth to this characterization?Kane made headlines for her Jeffersonian stance — even if her party does deny that storied Founding Father — of refusing to follow... Read more
Welcome to Pennsylvania's budgetary Mexican standoff. High taxes or die! It would appear that Tom “Wolf-in-sheep's-clothing” wishes to alter a famous American expression. Tom “Taxman Cometh” Wolf never met a tax he didn't like. Income tax hike, sales tax hike, natural gas tax, my tax, your tax, everywhere a tax . . . just not... Read more
[Editor’s note: The author has no direct affiliation with the police, the particular victim, or the alleged murderers/attempted robbers.]The pain of loss is unbearable. A life lost too soon, at a seemingly promising point of life, feels all the more tragic. Nevertheless, matters in a recent high-profile... Read more