The inclusion of the Libertarian and Green parties in the presidential race will destroy the political establishment’s stranglehold in 2016.The same way Uber and Airbnb are upending their respective industries, the social media phenomenon has short-circuited the ability of any political party to effectively control and shape their... Read more

by G. Reid Lyon, Ph.d.

It is a Tuesday morning and the kids in Ms. Martin’s third grade classroom are participating in a lesson where the youngsters take turns reading aloud. Adam hates this exercise. He becomes more and more anxious and fearful as it nears his turn. Adam begins reading. It takes him a long... Read more
I attended a hearing on August 24 before a Dauphin County district justice (magistrate) for a “driving with an expired license charge” against a member of the Independent Gazette team. John drives a car with a big “Ron Paul” sticker on the rear window, as seen in the photo below. One day back in July,... Read more