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Woman’s World as reviewed by Blake Belleman

Graham Rawle’s Woman’s World, published in 2005, includes both written text and 40,000 woman’s magazine clippings from the early 1960s. It is one of the most engaging and fascinating books you may ever read. The author’s words illustrate the aggregated consciousness of the main character, Norma Fontaine, whose world is shaped exclusively through the women’s magazines that she reads. The clippings are extremely interesting and aesthetically pleasing, and the text adds an immersive quality that enriches the novel by accentuating Fontaine’s isolation and difficulty finding acceptance within her community.

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The Troy Standard as reviewed by Emily Rose DeMarco

The work is also an engaging commentary on Austrian economic policies. This is important, as encouraging friends or family to read an engaging story is often much easier than handing them an economic treatise or scholarly article. The Troy Standard is only 192 pages long, yet contains touching emotional drama, harrowing suspense, and action-packed thrills. In short, it is a perfect read — just add hot chocolate and a fireplace!

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