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Ingrid Martinique is a published poet, author, and journalist, and served as a head editor of the newspaper The Voice in Bloomsburg for several years before returning to Scranton.

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Inaugural Installment: What is a Libertarian Democrat?

I believe that no one needs to identify with only one political party if they share views from two of them, or even from several of them. When it comes to politics, I am going to risk being unpopular and state my beliefs that the United States would be a more open-minded place, and our government might even run more smoothly if we all cherry-picked our stances from different political ideologies.

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A History of Taxation in the US, and the Rise of the IRS

Prior to the Revolutionary War, the Colonial Government was far less centralized than it became after the war, and had a limited need for revenue. Contrarily, each of the individual colonies had greater responsibilities, and thus greater (yet differing) revenue needs. The Southern Colonies primarily taxed imports and exports. Central Colonies occasionally imposed a property tax and levied a “head” (or poll) tax on each adult male, while the New England Colonies raised revenue through real estate, excises and occupation taxes.

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