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Third parties fighting in court as often as in the field 

Before either of these cases can be reported, it is important to understand how ballot access works in Pennsylvania. First, political organization in Pennsylvania is divided into three categories: major parties (Republican and Democratic), minor parties, and political bodies. At present there are no parties technically classified as minor. That is because such recognition is attained only when a candidate achieves a vote tally of at least two percent of the highest vote in a district in a particular year. Neither the Libertarian nor Green parties attained the votes necessary to qualify in 2012, so they are not listed as minor parties statewide. Further, there will be no third party candidates on the Pennsylvania ballot for governor this year, thus assuring that no third party can claim minor party status until 2017 at the earliest. There are some benefits to being a minor party, such as having the party name appear as one of the party affiliation options on voter registration forms, as well as having the ability to place party candidates on the ballot for special elections.

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It’s Cannabis, not Marijuana

For thousands of years humankind has interacted with cannabis and hemp. Its amazing applications have been known, and experienced, from the days of ancient Egypt to the present time. It is used as medicine, is employed in the manufacture of thousands of industrial products, and functions, too as a social and religious enhancement. However, there are quite a few Americans who are unable to recognize the term “cannabis.” It is not because this is a rare plant, exotic and originating from faraway places. To the contrary, this particular plant is still enjoyed and exploited worldwide on a regular basis. It grows wild all over the planet. So, why the lack of recognition? Because, in the US we rarely call the plant by its actual name.

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Pennsylvania Green Party Statement on Cannabis/Hemp

The Green Party remains committed to legalized cannabis and hemp. There is no aspect of the failed Drug War more offensive than the lies and propaganda used to continue prohibition of cannabis. The history of human exploitation of the plant for medical, social and industrial purposes is traced thousands of years into that history, through...
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Wilkes-Barre Recycling Proves All is not Dysfunctional in City

We citizens seem to be overcome with frustration as we continue to witness scandal, dysfunction and factionalism in the politics of Wilkes-Barre. It’s not that such frustration is unique to the City, as the same negative assessment can be applied to most politics in the US these days. However, Wilkes-Barre is replete with examples of how things go wrong, as well as instances in which things can go quite right. For years we have witnessed a two-tier status in the City of one privileged class in the elected realm and their friends, and another seemingly sub-class comprised of the rest of us.

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