Will voters unwittingly elect a dynasty?

In two local magisterial races, Luzerne County voters will have the opportunity to choose a Dynasty.

The North End Wilkes-Barre District Court 11-1-02 magistrate’s seat is currently held by longtime Magisterial District Judge Martin R. Kane. The Gazette has learned that current Wilkes-Barre City Controller Kathy Kane, wife of Magistrate Kane, has been observed in public with prominent members of the Democratic Party soliciting support for her son Jared Martin Kane as he prepares to run for his father’s magisterial seat.

Jared Kane has completed his Certification of Duties as Magisterial District Judge, which was filed October 16, 2014, according to the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania web portal.

Gazette readers may recall a Citizens’ Voice article published on August 11, 2010, reporting that Jared Kane was charged with a DUI when the vehicle he was operating crashed into several parked cars on July 31 at South and South Meade streets. According to the article, “police said Jared Kane’s blood alcohol concentration was above the legal limit to drive at the time he caused the crash, which occurred around 11:50 p.m.” No record of that incident can currently be found on Pennsylvania’s Unified Judicial System web portal.

The Trucksville District Court 11-3-09 magistrate’s seat is currently held by James E. Tupper. Sources tell the Gazette that Brian Tupper is currently attending magisterial classes in Harrisburg to obtain his Certification of Duties as Magisterial District Judge, intending to succeed his father in that district.

One loyal Gazette reader has noted that these developments possess all the makings of a Hollywood style movie, and compared it to the plot of the 1992 comedy The Distinguished Gentleman, starring Eddie Murphy. Here’s the plot: a Florida con man uses the passing of the long time congressman from his district — whom he just happens to share a name with — to get elected to his version of paradise, Congress, where the money flows from lobbyists.

In the movie Murphy campaigns using the slogan “Vote the name you know.” Sources close to both Kane and Tupper tell the Gazette that in both cases the campaign styles will likely be strikingly similar to the name similarity campaign portrayed in The Distinguished Gentleman.

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  1. Where do you find who has the Certification of Duties on the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania web portal. Can you send me the link

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