Letter to the Editor: It’s time to clean house at W-B City Hall

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Reading that the current mayor of Wilkes-Barre is again desiring yet another term impels me to write.

The current mayor has yet to reimburse us for taking expensive gas from our city gas pump. The incident outraged most of our city taxpayers. Does this man think he is allowed to do as he pleases? His brazen attitude is not what today’s taxpayers want in any elected official. No one is above the law. We cannot allow such a man to again be elected nor anyone associated with him at City Hall.

You and I would have been arrested on the spot for such a crime and as of this day, he hasn’t reimbursed us. Then we read in the Independent Gazette where a City Hall employee is quickly promoted by our mayor to an unheard-of salary of about $85,000 a year plus full benefits/pension.

Awake from your coma, voters. You’ve been had by the entire and former elected City Hall clan and that certainly includes monetarily.

And, finally, we see that our city is in major debt, yet the huge elected salaries, benefits, and pensions continue. If the taxpayers of Wilkes-Barre desire to keep their homes, reside in safe rentals and neighborhoods, and also — and importantly — retain more of their hard-earned income, then I say, ignore every one of the current elected officials in City Hall. We cannot afford in more ways than one what we currently have governing in our city.

There are far too many suspicious and real activities happening at our City Hall, as most of us know, in order to retain any of the currently elected. At no time should we elect anyone that ignores outright illegal and unethical actions. As Americans, we are charged to watch government and remove public servants from office when they aren’t beneficial for us, the people.

The next mayor of Wilkes-Barre shouldn’t be a repeat of what we have dealt with in the recent past. Our well-paid elected city council members failed, as well, to take the mayor to task when wrongs were clearly presented. Our city council, and especially the chair, could have launched an investigation, but because they are all buddies, the council and administration alike, chose not to do so.

Let’s clean house by not re-electing any of the current City Hall elected. Your parents didn’t rear you to become fools and slaves.

Linda Urban, Wilkes-Barre Taxpayers Association — District D

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