Letter to the Editor: Political correctness and its adherents

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PC (political correctness) is a technique of treachery and control by those of severe prejudice with a totalitarian mindset. PC is, in short, horse hockey. It is Big Brother writ large. At its basis are people who are not at peace with themselves, i.e., self-haters. And they tend to spill their hate through control. They are not live and let livers.

Real liberals are, but not Progressives. They are statist commie/fascists. You can be sure that Hitler was a self-hater. And these people are beyond being a loose canon.

They seek to pull you into a black hole with them, with Wagnerian trumpets and trombones (emphasis on bones!). Feminists who are men-haters fit the bill.

We are in the attempted grip of PC haters, and they must be resisted.

TR James, Luzerne County

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