Letter to the Editor: A job well-attempted by NASA

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A rocket launched by NASA from Virginia recently with intention of delivering supplies to the International Space Station malfunctioned and went down across the Virginia waterfront with quite the spectacular light show. This, much to the chagrin of the Russians, Chinese, French, Germans, Indians, etc. etc. etc. who seem to have little problem getting even a bottle rocket off the ground. However, in order to save face, the U.S. will be publishing a photograph of several rocket scientists and engineers surrounding a politician and a strategically placed gender choice of proper ethnicity, each holding a trophy. This trophy, of course designed to look like a rocket (or a phallic symbol, your choice). The headline will read “Rocket Attempted Intended Goal.” Due to Common Core education and politically correct reasoning each of these scientists and engineers and the politician have been awarded “The Job Well Attempted” trophy.

Patrick Rowan, Plymouth

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